Hong Kong Literature Database is the first database on Hong Kong literature. It has been in use for more than two decades since its launched on 15 June 2000.  As at June 2020, the database consists of nearly 588,000 records, including more that 200 Hong Kong journals and literary supplement of 20 Hong Kong early newspapers. In addition, it includes the Hong Kong Literature Archives donated by Prof. Lo Wai-lun (aka Xiao Si).  The database aims to support the teaching and research of Hong Kong literature and promoting its development.

The Database is powered by various searching functions. Full-text is available in a major part of the database. It is also a web portal for information on Hong Kong literature, providing literary activities, topics in literature, biographies of writers, etc.  

We welcome writers, Hong Kong literature researchers and lovers to give us any information on Hong Kong literature. Donations are also welcome.

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This database is so successfully developed to facilitate individual and academic research due to the precious and enthusiastic contributions from various interested parties and organizations. The Library wants to express its special thanks to Professor Lo Wai-luen, who generously donated her collections of newspaper clippings and indexes, and various newspaper publishers, who granted us the rights to digitize their literary columns.



All copyrights of newspapers and journals belong to corresponding publishers and authors. The copyright law shall be observed for non-academic use of data in this database. Massive downloading in any kind is strictly prohibited. 


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